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Our day involved sunshine, giggles, bubbles and pineapple socks.


Love this photo set x


oh sweet precious one…


“A part of me wants you
in the most innocent way possible:
taking off your shoes in my bedroom,
climbing under the sheets and watching
whatever’s in my Netflix queue,
barely even touching
as we talk about our days until we
fall asleep with our
clothes still on.

But another, hungrier part of me
wants you unbuttoning your shirt
before you’re completely through my door,
falling onto my bed,
scrambling to make your fingers
unbutton my shirt faster,
while your mouth shakes out
my name the entire time.”

Safe To Say A Lot’s Going Through My Head When I Think About You | Lora Mathis (via lora-mathis)

Title: I Wanna Get Better
Artist: Bleachers
Played: 442 times


"I Wanna Get Better", by Bleachers

And I miss the days of a life still permanent 
Mourn the years before I got carried away 
So now I’m staring at the interstate screaming at myself,
"Hey, I wanna get better!"

Title: Take Me To Church
Artist: Hozier
Played: 18897 times


"Take me to church, I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies, I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife. Offer me that deathless death, Good God, let me give you my life."




playing around on vscocam.

A compilation of going home photos; something I seem to really look forward to seeing as I never have “on the way there” pictures.

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caramel apple pie biscuits.

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